Making the games industry a better place to work

What is Best Places

The Best Places To Work Awards is the only event to celebrate employer excellence specifically for the video games industry.

The awards event has taken place in London for the UK market for the past four years, and on November 8th, 2021 we will be coming to Canada with an all-digital event featuring sessions on major HR issues, such as challenges around COVID-19, inclusion and diversity, harassment, and much more.

Participation in the awards is strictly confidential (we will only reveal the winners), and those that don't make the final cut (and even those that do) can receive their employee scores in order to identify any areas of improvements. The awards are free to take part.

What awards you could win

Outside of our Best Places badges, there are a number of special awards up for grabs. Including:

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Award 
  • The Health and Wellbeing Award
  • The Diversity Award
  • The Education Award
  • The Environmental Award
  • The Best Boss

Previous Winners

How to take part

Click below button to submit your details and request our Best Places To Work Awards Forms


August 17th: Submissions Open

October: Employer and Employee Survey Deadline

November 8th: Winners Revealed

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Gives our people the confidence that they’re working in one of the best places to work in Video Games

Nick Duncombe
Playground Games

Incredibly rewarding to have something that shines a light on our greatest asset; our people and our teams.

Sarah Howell
Creative Assembly

Given us a good insight into what our staff thinks about where they work

Tracy Clark
Sega Hardlight

UK Awards Highlights